Welcome to Ice Shanty!

If you’re an outdoors man from the northern states, you know that ice fishing is not just a sport. For us, it’s a way of life, a social event, a brother and sisterhood, a family tradition, and for some of us, even a career.  Long story short, it’s something we look forward to all year long for many reasons.

A big part of getting the most out or your ice fishing season is having the right gear. Obviously what that ice fishing gear is varies for each us, but you have to be prepared nonetheless. Next to a rod & reel and tip-ups, our next step is typically an ice shanty of some kind. Some people build condos on ice that would rival a home, but most of us choose the portable ice shanties as our form of shelter. Focusing on the different types of shelters available is how this website started, but as our popularity has grown, we’re moving beyond just ice shanties into all the essential ice fishing gear as well as some novelty items that are just plain cool.

Please Stop back often as we’ll be updating our site significantly over the next year.