The Ice Shanty been around for as long as most people can remember. In the olden days, ice fishing enthusiasts were, by necessity creative and innovative in building their shanties. Some were crafted as small huts while others were little more than tarps draped over wooden boards.

The “huts on ice” had distinct disadvantages, including the fact that they lacked portability. Some even fell victim to the partial thawing and refreezing of the lakes, which would cause the huts to become immobilized in the lakes. The tarps did not have this problem, because the winds usually blew them away.

Frabill Frontier Ice ShantyTimes have changed and ice shanties have improved tremendously. One particular model, the Frontier Ice Shanty, manufactured by Frabill, combines the best features of its two older ancestors for a great ice shelter at an affordable price.

The Frontier Ice Hut’s portability is one of its most popular features. The purchase of this ice shanty includes a carrying bag that is roomy without being bulky. The ice shanty is easily stored and removed from this bag, and the shanty sets up very quickly, usually in less than five minutes. And, an added plus is the fact that it comes down just as quickly.

The Frontier Ice Hut comes complete with an anchor kit that makes the flyaway problem, formerly made famous by the tarps, obsolete. The durable construction of these ice shelters ensure that they will hold up under the most extreme weather conditions, and will effectively shield the anglers from the elements.

Other features of the Frontier Ice Hut that set it apart from the others, is the unique design of the windows that can be adjusted to allow as much, or as little, light as may be desired. Also, there is no need to worry about the safety of using a portable heating device inside the hut, because the Frontier Ice Hut comes equipped with the MaxVent system, which was designed by, and exclusively in the Frabill Ice Shanty, that provides excellent ventilation of fresh air without adding to the frigidity of the air inside the shelter.

The Frontier is large enough to comfortably shelter two anglers, plus all of their fishing gear. In fact, the interior of the shelter is a very accommodating and roomy to allow plenty of space for the ice fishers to stretch their legs and fish in comfort.

The exterior of the shelter has a durable polyurethane coating that acts as an insulating agent to shield the occupants from the elements and unwanted light. Its dark color absorbs light and makes the interior easier to heat. It also includes eight safety reflectors to alert others to the hut’s presence in foggy or snowy conditions.

Front and rear doors, constructed with heavy-duty zippers are an additional feature that provides convenience as well as an added measure of safety. The zippers are constructed to always function properly, and the windows can be removed as needed.

Ice fishing can be a fun and exhilarating sport. Some fisherman assert that they prefer the challenge of ice fishing to warm weather fishing. But, it is also a sport that can be dangerous. The importance of taking proper safety precautions cannot be overstressed.

By investing less than $200 into a Frabill Frontier Ice Shanty, one can enjoy the thrill of catching a trophy in the midst of winter’s brutal elements, in safety and comfort.

Quick Flip 2 Ice Shanty


The cheap yet remarkable flip style ice shelter from Eskimo is sure an amazing ice shanty and possesses all the qualities necessary for being a quality Ice Shanty. Priced just under 400$ this shelter allows you to enjoy a perfect day out with friends and family fishing, even with extreme cold weather conditions.

Made of the sturdiest RED (rugged, extreme and durable) fabric this ice shelter is designed to withstand the most intense climatic conditions. The Flip style Eskimo Ice Shelters are perfectly designed to keep you warm, even when the temperature outside is subzero with the right heater of course.

Another notable feature of this shelter is the center table, which are non-slippery and additional huge pockets to keep all your belongings and fishing gear. The table is also placed strategically to help you easily access your possessions during an interesting bout of fishing. The ventilation inside the tent can be regulated through the interior flaps, which are easily adjusted.

The entry/exit door of this ice shanty is its intelligently designed in such a way that there is no wasted space giving you ample interior space inside the shelter. There is also sufficient space provided to place your heater to keep you warm. Even the coldest of winters do have some nice sunny days and to enjoy the weather on these pleasant occasions the top of the shelter can be lifted half way of fully opened allowing you to enjoy the quality seats as well as the weather. In other words, you can use it as a windbreak if you need, or just have it wide open.

Eskimo Quick Flip 2 Ice Shanty Specifications.

  • The ice shelter gives you a sufficient fishing area of around 21.7 square feet.
  • Sled size is a large 60 inches x 31 inches x 7 inches.
  • It comes with a height of 65 inches and a set up size of 83 inches x 60 inches.
  • It weighs around 87 lbs and is easily collapsible into 60 inches x 32.5 inches x 22 inches.
  • The shelter has a comfortable fixed seating arrangement for two people and fixed table.
  • There is also ample ventilation provided with for windows and a strategically placed door.

This flip style ice shelter is preferred by many people because of its secure, strong and long lasting exteriors, which is also very economically priced. You can positively rely on the quick flip ice shanty year after year during those ultimate fishing excursions in freezing temperatures!

Eskimo Quick Flip 2 Ice Shanty Summary

To summarize it up, the QuickFlip 2 Ice Shanty is a 2-person capacity with around 21 square feet of fishable area. There’s 65 inches of head space, and its set-up size is  83 x 60 inches. It weighs around 87 pounds, includes 4 windows, 1 door, 2 storage pockets, and a 60 x 31 x 7 inch ice sled. You’ll also find a fixed carpeted table top, and a fixed 18 inch tall bench seat. If you’re looking for a quick set up, portable ice shanty, the QuickFlip 2 by Eskimo Ice Shelters may be the shanty for you.

Excursion Portable Ice Shanty


The Frabill Excursion portable ice shanty may seem a bit expensive for an ice shanty, but a closer look at its features will allow a potential buyer to understand why the Excursion is money well spent for the die hard ice fisherman.  The Frabill Excursion is currently priced at $449.95  as of the day this review was written and is best suited for small fishing parties of three or less, but on a nicer day, it works well as place to warm up for larger fishing parties. In other words its suitable to be your base camp headquarters.

Frabill Excursion Ice Shanties are made of tough and durable wind resistant 300- denier tent material. This ice shanty comes with extra polyurethane coatings to keep the shelter protected from light and water. It also has a robust thermo formed sledge base. It comes with a front door for easy access, which of course is opened and closed using sturdy zipper. The  padded seats are sure to make fishing a comfortable and fun experience as well. There are also four unobstructed windows, which are removable, and finest ventilation is provided by the MaxVent air exchange system for reducing condensation which is unique to Frabill.

There is also a 7/8 inches aluminum frame, which makes the excursion portable ice shelter very durable, sturdy, and long lasting. Do not panic about the weight of the shelter seeing the terms sturdy and strong used to describe the features of the product. The  ice shelter is not the lightest ice shanty out there, but very easy to move seeing hows its built on a sled base. It does way around 100 pounds, so when we say easy to move, please keep that in mind. Its best suited for being pulled behind a quad, 4×4 truck, or snowmobile, but if you have to manually pull it, 100 pounds over snow is doable for most able bodied fisherman.

Frabill Excursion Ice Shanty Specifications

  • It can grip three anglers added to a gear.
  • The foundation is made of warm thermo, which is not only long lasting but also easy to carry around.
  • The 300-denier fabric used for the exteriors of the ice shelter is water and wind resistant.
  • The access door of the tent is extremely sturdy and has a strong zipper.
  • The 7/8 inches aluminum frame holds the shelter in a strong and sturdy manner.
  • There are eight 2 inch*2 inch safety reflectors.
  • The polyurethane coatings help resist water and light into the shelter.
  • There is the MaxVent air system for the best ventilation and minimal condensation
  • Set Up Size 83 x 70 x 67
  • Collapsed size 70 x 33 x 23
  •  fishable area is 70 x 50 x 67
  • Weighs 100 lbs.

Frabill Excursion Ice Shanty Overview.

The Excursion Ice Shanty by Frabill are quality through and through. They’ve been in the business a long time, and once you use one of their shanties, you see it in every detail. Frabill also offers a ton of of other shanties and fishing gear. Please visit our Frabill Ice Shanty Overview page for an overview if their entire Ice Shanty Product line.

Eskimo FatFish 949i Ice Shanty


You can’t always depend on Mother Nature to supply you with a nice day when you’re ice fishing.  You’ll need an ice shanty to keep to stay warm and out of the elements.  Using a portable shelter like the Eskimo Fat Fish 949 will give you and your friends the shelter and space you’ll need to stay warm allowing you to stay focus on ice fishing, not keeping your digits warm.

The Eskimo Fat Fish 949i Ice Shanty is one of the most popular four person Eskimo Ice Shelters on the market. Like all portable shelters, it’s designed to be setup and taken down quickly, which is great when your on the hunt for a big one. It has a large fishable area; 61 sq ft to be exact and will hold up to 4 people comfortably.  There’s also plenty of room for your fishing gear too.

You can easily keep an eye on your tip ups from its 6 well placed windows which allow you to see in all directions, so you can  see all the lake excitement. We all know there’s never a shortage of things to watch when you’re ice fishing.  The side pockets provide dry storage for things such as clothing, extra gloves, etc. If you’re a fan of night time fishing, the outside of the Fatfish 949i has reflective material to help ensure that your ice shanty will be easy to see at night. The FatFish series is known for its wide bottom which really does make it feel roomier inside as compared to other portable fishing shacks. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of fine shanties out there, but the FatFish definitely feels less claustrophobic than most.

Quick Stats For The Eskimo Fat Fish 949i Ice Shanty

  • Fishable Area: 61 sq ft
  • Capacity: 4-person
  • Set-Up Size(A): 94 in x 94 in
  • Height(B): 80 in
  • Elbow Room(C): 99 in x 99 in
  • Collapsed Size: 65 in x 7.5 in x 7.5 in
  • Weight: 27 lbs
  • Transport: Backpack
  • Framework: Hub-Style
  • Fabric: 300D
  • Ice Anchor Qty: 6
  • Large Mesh Pockets: 2
  • Ventilation: 2
  • Windows: 6 A-frame
  • Doors: 2
  • Gear Pockets: 2
  • Warranty: 1 year limited

Plus the Eskimo Fat Fish 949 Ice Shanty has:

  • YKK Zippers for easy access
  • Large mesh storage pockets to keep essential fishing gear handy
  • Heavy-duty reinforced bottoms in the corner joints
  • Carrying bag for portability
  • Easily removable windows held on with Velcro
  • Strong ice anchors to keep it solid in the weather

The Fatfish 949 Ice Shanty is a great option for your winter time ice fishing trips with your buddies.  With the right heater, this shelter will keep you toasty warm while you and your buds tell some big fish stories. Fat Fish 949iis very similar to the standard 949, but built with a double layer of 300dD polyester that sandwiches a layer of insulation. This design provides better heat retention than the standard 949, but does add a little extra weight. If you’re looking for an ice fishing shelter big enough for you and your buddies, light enough to be easily transported, and strong enough to stand up the the elements, the Eskimo 949i Ice Shanty may be a good fit for you!

Frabill Refuge Cabin Ice Shanty


For around two hundred and eighty bucks, you might think that Frabill Refuge Cabin is a bit pricey for an Ice Shanty; but the fact is that the Fabrill Refuge Cabin-Style Shanty is much more than that. It is an absolute comfort palace in terms of a portable Ice Shanty. For a place to sit inside with your buddies to enjoy ice fishing on an icy cold day, its one of the best of its kind.

All Fabrill Ice Fishing Houses are made of a durable fabric and this one in particular has been made using 300-Denier material. Furthermore,  its treated with a extra polyurethane coating to keep the water and light out of the tent. There’s no worries about  keeping it dark inside or dry (relatively speaking). Your job is to just simply focus on ice fishing and having fun.

This Fabrill ice shanty speaks of quality and with all the headroom and fishable area, you can get comfortable in this shack real easily. It comes with two durable and high quality doors for the ease of going out or coming in from either side of the shelter. Not to mention their heavy duty zippers. It is big enough and comfortable enough for two large or three adult anglers an works well as a small base camp. Another quality aspect of this shanty is that its design combats wind whip really well. We all know how much more relaxing fishing is when its quiet enough inside your fishing hut to carry on a conversation.

Is this Ice Shanty Portable?

The Frabill Refuge Cabin Style Ice shanty can be easily set up within minutes,  and disassembled just the same. It’s  constructed around a galvanized heavy duty ¾” steel frame which gives it sturdiness and durability. But don’t think that means a whole bunch of extra weight as it weighs in at around 44 pounds. The Frabill experts have thought it through and through. It is extremely light weight for its size and fishable area.  In short, setting up is easy and so is packing it up; plus the fact that it is light weight makes it a great choice for on-the-move ice anglers.

Let us look at some of  the ice shanty specifications.

  • It has room to hold 3 anglers
  • The molded base can be folded easily to wrap it up compactly.
  • Pre-assembled so you won’t have to waste time and can start fishing right away.
  • The fishable area is around 70 X 47 X 72” high
  • It has 4 clear- view removable windows.
  • Safety reflectors for protection at night

The Frabill Ice Shanty has made quite a mark in the market because of their durability, affordability,  and quality. This Refuge Ice Shanty is adored by the customers, even after repeated use. Amazon users even rate it at 5 stars which is a much more believable result that something you would find on the manufacturers website. If you’re looking for a an ice shanty that feels a little sturdier than a hub style while still being easily transportable, the Frabill Refuge Cabin may be a great place to start your search.

Igloo-XL Ice Shanty


The KillZone Igloo-XL 4 is the perfect ice shanty for the on the go angler who loves exploring local lakes while optimizing their fishing time. With so many Ice shelters available on the market, this Igloo XL Ice Shanty has been upgraded and modified to be considered one of the best for its price range portable ice fishing shelters around. Amazon users give it an average of4 out of 5 stars. It also gets close to 5 starts on the Killzone website (Surprise, surprise!) . All kidding aside, its a quality shelter for the price. Read on to learn more about it. You may be disappointed in our writing  skills, but you wont be with the Killzone Igloo-XL.

This ice shanty has room for 4 people. Its fabric has also been updated to a heavy duty 600D Poly Shell. Historically speaking, this isKillzone Igloo XL 4 Person Ice Shanty Size Spefications a feature that was only offered in higher end shanties. As the material is becoming cheaper to produce, its becoming more of an industry standard. The 600D Polyester also seems to be the perfect wind breaker and will do its job to defend you against cold, rain, and wind! Watch out for the extra weight though, 600D is not known for being very light, but worth it in terms of strength and longevity. Note: The 600D material is great, but don’t doubt the strength or quality of the 300D if you should run across it. It still has plenty of snort!

The Igloo XL’s pop up/hub design allows it to be assembled in minutes; the take down time is very minimal as well. Like many other hub ice shanties out there, there is no base; so you open your ice shanty, drill your holes, and set the shelter over the holes. Once that’s done its time to fire up your heater, setup your outside tip ups,  grab a cold one, and fish.

The Killzone Igloo XL ice shanties clear removable windows which include shades and built in vents give you great control over your temperature, air flow, and light inside. The interior and exterior’s black material will also help your shanty stay warm on sunnier days as well as help control the light inside your hut. It also comes with a smart carrying bag at no additional cost and 8 auger stakes.

Now let’s take a look at this Killzone 4 Person Ice Shanty Specs & Dimensions.

Igloo XL Ice Shanty Specifications

  • Four Person Capacity
  • Opens up into a square, the floor is 72” X 72”,
  • The Center is 83” high
  • From Hub to Hub, it measures 92”
  • Its folded dimensions are 52″ L x 8″ W x 8″ Tall
  • Includes Smart Bag and Eight Auger Stakes

Bang for buck, this ice fishing shelter offers a lot for its price. There are also two other choices in the Killzone Igloo series. The Igloo which holds two to three people, and the Igloo 2x which is designed to comfortable hold up to six people. All three include the proper equipment for their size and backpack for transporting your shanty. If you’re in the market for a new fishing shelter, we highly recommend learning more about the KillZone Igloo-XL 4 Person Ice shanty and other shanties by Killzone.


Quick Fish 3 Ice Shanty.


A bad weather day can make ice fishing quite challenging. One thing for sure is that you’ll need a place to warm up on a cold and windy fishing day. If you and your buddies have plans to ice fish this winter season, don’t forget to grab a Quick Fish 3 Series Ice Shanty by Eskimo.   The Quickfish 3 has made quite a name for itself in the ice fishing industry. Known for their quality and toughness, they’re an excellent choice for the ice fishing hobbyist.  This Hub Style ice shanty is a great option for an on the go fisherman . It can be assembled in just a few minutes. Fire up your heater, gear, and a beer, you’re ready to fish in no time.

Lets Take a look at the Quick fish 3 Ice Shanty:

  • 34 sq ft of room.Eskimo Quickfish 3 Ice Shanty
  • It is big enough for 3 average adult anglers or 2 large males.
  • The set up size will be around 70 in X 70 in in width with an approximate height of 80 in.
  • It weighs around 23 pounds.
  • 300 R.E.D (Rugged Extreme Durable) Fabric is used.
  • It has 4 windows and 2 ventilation spots in the corners.
  • 2 Doors with double zippers.
  • 2 Gear pockets inside to hold the extra gear you have.
  • It comes with 1 year warranty.

Features of Eskimo Ice Shanty Quick Fish 3

The Quick Fish 3 comes with heavy duty ice anchors that are going to provide the shelter a lot of stability against high winds. Tie off ropes are also included.

The shelter has a couple of ventilation spots and protective shells are provided to keep the cold wind or water from coming in through those vents. Furthermore there are Velcro flaps that can cover these vents from inside to give you more control of how much air flow you want inside.

An Eskimo Ice Shanty can be assemble in a matter of a minute and similarly, can be taken down and packed up within minutes as you’ll see in the video below. The anchors and rope have a special pouch separately. This ease of assembly and the fact that it can be rolled up in minutes gives this Eskimo Ice Shanty a great aspect of mobility which is best suited for anglers on the move.

In addition to the Quickfish 3, Eskimo Ice Shelters also offers a Quickfish 2 which is their two person model, the Quickfish 4 which is their four person model, and the Quickfish 6 which you may have guessed is their six person model. The included equipment varies from one size to the other, but generally speaking, all of the Quickfish Models are very similar with the exception of size. The video below demonstrates the set up and tear down of the Quickfish 3 Ice Shanty. As you’ll soon see, the Quickfish 3 can be assembled and disassembled very quickly. Please note the techniques used in the video for this process. It will make life a lot easier when you’re taking your new Eskimo Ice Shelter for a test drive.

We hope this Eskimo QuickFish 3 Ice Shanty Review has been helpful!