Eskimo Quick Flip 2 Ice Shanty

Quick Flip 2 Ice Shanty


The cheap yet remarkable flip style ice shelter from Eskimo is sure an amazing ice shanty and possesses all the qualities necessary for being a quality Ice Shanty. Priced just under 400$ this shelter allows you to enjoy a perfect day out with friends and family fishing, even with extreme cold weather conditions.

Made of the sturdiest RED (rugged, extreme and durable) fabric this ice shelter is designed to withstand the most intense climatic conditions. The Flip style Eskimo Ice Shelters are perfectly designed to keep you warm, even when the temperature outside is subzero with the right heater of course.

Another notable feature of this shelter is the center table, which are non-slippery and additional huge pockets to keep all your belongings and fishing gear. The table is also placed strategically to help you easily access your possessions during an interesting bout of fishing. The ventilation inside the tent can be regulated through the interior flaps, which are easily adjusted.

The entry/exit door of this ice shanty is its intelligently designed in such a way that there is no wasted space giving you ample interior space inside the shelter. There is also sufficient space provided to place your heater to keep you warm. Even the coldest of winters do have some nice sunny days and to enjoy the weather on these pleasant occasions the top of the shelter can be lifted half way of fully opened allowing you to enjoy the quality seats as well as the weather. In other words, you can use it as a windbreak if you need, or just have it wide open.

Eskimo Quick Flip 2 Ice Shanty Specifications.

  • The ice shelter gives you a sufficient fishing area of around 21.7 square feet.
  • Sled size is a large 60 inches x 31 inches x 7 inches.
  • It comes with a height of 65 inches and a set up size of 83 inches x 60 inches.
  • It weighs around 87 lbs and is easily collapsible into 60 inches x 32.5 inches x 22 inches.
  • The shelter has a comfortable fixed seating arrangement for two people and fixed table.
  • There is also ample ventilation provided with for windows and a strategically placed door.

This flip style ice shelter is preferred by many people because of its secure, strong and long lasting exteriors, which is also very economically priced. You can positively rely on the quick flip ice shanty year after year during those ultimate fishing excursions in freezing temperatures!

Eskimo Quick Flip 2 Ice Shanty Summary

To summarize it up, the QuickFlip 2 Ice Shanty is a 2-person capacity with around 21 square feet of fishable area. There’s 65 inches of head space, and its set-up size is  83 x 60 inches. It weighs around 87 pounds, includes 4 windows, 1 door, 2 storage pockets, and a 60 x 31 x 7 inch ice sled. You’ll also find a fixed carpeted table top, and a fixed 18 inch tall bench seat. If you’re looking for a quick set up, portable ice shanty, the QuickFlip 2 by Eskimo Ice Shelters may be the shanty for you.

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