Frabill Refuge Cabin Ice Shanty

Frabill Refuge Cabin Ice Shanty


For around two hundred and eighty bucks, you might think that Frabill Refuge Cabin is a bit pricey for an Ice Shanty; but the fact is that the Fabrill Refuge Cabin-Style Shanty is much more than that. It is an absolute comfort palace in terms of a portable Ice Shanty. For a place to sit inside with your buddies to enjoy ice fishing on an icy cold day, its one of the best of its kind.

All Fabrill Ice Fishing Houses are made of a durable fabric and this one in particular has been made using 300-Denier material. Furthermore,  its treated with a extra polyurethane coating to keep the water and light out of the tent. There’s no worries about  keeping it dark inside or dry (relatively speaking). Your job is to just simply focus on ice fishing and having fun.

This Fabrill ice shanty speaks of quality and with all the headroom and fishable area, you can get comfortable in this shack real easily. It comes with two durable and high quality doors for the ease of going out or coming in from either side of the shelter. Not to mention their heavy duty zippers. It is big enough and comfortable enough for two large or three adult anglers an works well as a small base camp. Another quality aspect of this shanty is that its design combats wind whip really well. We all know how much more relaxing fishing is when its quiet enough inside your fishing hut to carry on a conversation.

Is this Ice Shanty Portable?

The Frabill Refuge Cabin Style Ice shanty can be easily set up within minutes,  and disassembled just the same. It’s  constructed around a galvanized heavy duty ¾” steel frame which gives it sturdiness and durability. But don’t think that means a whole bunch of extra weight as it weighs in at around 44 pounds. The Frabill experts have thought it through and through. It is extremely light weight for its size and fishable area.  In short, setting up is easy and so is packing it up; plus the fact that it is light weight makes it a great choice for on-the-move ice anglers.

Let us look at some of  the ice shanty specifications.

  • It has room to hold 3 anglers
  • The molded base can be folded easily to wrap it up compactly.
  • Pre-assembled so you won’t have to waste time and can start fishing right away.
  • The fishable area is around 70 X 47 X 72” high
  • It has 4 clear- view removable windows.
  • Safety reflectors for protection at night

The Frabill Ice Shanty has made quite a mark in the market because of their durability, affordability,  and quality. This Refuge Ice Shanty is adored by the customers, even after repeated use. Amazon users even rate it at 5 stars which is a much more believable result that something you would find on the manufacturers website. If you’re looking for a an ice shanty that feels a little sturdier than a hub style while still being easily transportable, the Frabill Refuge Cabin may be a great place to start your search.

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