Frabill Excursion Portable Ice Shanty

Excursion Portable Ice Shanty


The Frabill Excursion portable ice shanty may seem a bit expensive for an ice shanty, but a closer look at its features will allow a potential buyer to understand why the Excursion is money well spent for the die hard ice fisherman.  The Frabill Excursion is currently priced at $449.95  as of the day this review was written and is best suited for small fishing parties of three or less, but on a nicer day, it works well as place to warm up for larger fishing parties. In other words its suitable to be your base camp headquarters.

Frabill Excursion Ice Shanties are made of tough and durable wind resistant 300- denier tent material. This ice shanty comes with extra polyurethane coatings to keep the shelter protected from light and water. It also has a robust thermo formed sledge base. It comes with a front door for easy access, which of course is opened and closed using sturdy zipper. The  padded seats are sure to make fishing a comfortable and fun experience as well. There are also four unobstructed windows, which are removable, and finest ventilation is provided by the MaxVent air exchange system for reducing condensation which is unique to Frabill.

There is also a 7/8 inches aluminum frame, which makes the excursion portable ice shelter very durable, sturdy, and long lasting. Do not panic about the weight of the shelter seeing the terms sturdy and strong used to describe the features of the product. The  ice shelter is not the lightest ice shanty out there, but very easy to move seeing hows its built on a sled base. It does way around 100 pounds, so when we say easy to move, please keep that in mind. Its best suited for being pulled behind a quad, 4×4 truck, or snowmobile, but if you have to manually pull it, 100 pounds over snow is doable for most able bodied fisherman.

Frabill Excursion Ice Shanty Specifications

  • It can grip three anglers added to a gear.
  • The foundation is made of warm thermo, which is not only long lasting but also easy to carry around.
  • The 300-denier fabric used for the exteriors of the ice shelter is water and wind resistant.
  • The access door of the tent is extremely sturdy and has a strong zipper.
  • The 7/8 inches aluminum frame holds the shelter in a strong and sturdy manner.
  • There are eight 2 inch*2 inch safety reflectors.
  • The polyurethane coatings help resist water and light into the shelter.
  • There is the MaxVent air system for the best ventilation and minimal condensation
  • Set Up Size 83 x 70 x 67
  • Collapsed size 70 x 33 x 23
  •  fishable area is 70 x 50 x 67
  • Weighs 100 lbs.

Frabill Excursion Ice Shanty Overview.

The Excursion Ice Shanty by Frabill are quality through and through. They’ve been in the business a long time, and once you use one of their shanties, you see it in every detail. Frabill also offers a ton of of other shanties and fishing gear. Please visit our Frabill Ice Shanty Overview page for an overview if their entire Ice Shanty Product line.

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