Frabill Frontier Ice Shanty Review

The Ice Shanty been around for as long as most people can remember. In the olden days, ice fishing enthusiasts were, by necessity creative and innovative in building their shanties. Some were crafted as small huts while others were little more than tarps draped over wooden boards.

The “huts on ice” had distinct disadvantages, including the fact that they lacked portability. Some even fell victim to the partial thawing and refreezing of the lakes, which would cause the huts to become immobilized in the lakes. The tarps did not have this problem, because the winds usually blew them away.

Frabill Frontier Ice ShantyTimes have changed and ice shanties have improved tremendously. One particular model, the Frontier Ice Shanty, manufactured by Frabill, combines the best features of its two older ancestors for a great ice shelter at an affordable price.

The Frontier Ice Hut’s portability is one of its most popular features. The purchase of this ice shanty includes a carrying bag that is roomy without being bulky. The ice shanty is easily stored and removed from this bag, and the shanty sets up very quickly, usually in less than five minutes. And, an added plus is the fact that it comes down just as quickly.

The Frontier Ice Hut comes complete with an anchor kit that makes the flyaway problem, formerly made famous by the tarps, obsolete. The durable construction of these ice shelters ensure that they will hold up under the most extreme weather conditions, and will effectively shield the anglers from the elements.

Other features of the Frontier Ice Hut that set it apart from the others, is the unique design of the windows that can be adjusted to allow as much, or as little, light as may be desired. Also, there is no need to worry about the safety of using a portable heating device inside the hut, because the Frontier Ice Hut comes equipped with the MaxVent system, which was designed by, and exclusively in the Frabill Ice Shanty, that provides excellent ventilation of fresh air without adding to the frigidity of the air inside the shelter.

The Frontier is large enough to comfortably shelter two anglers, plus all of their fishing gear. In fact, the interior of the shelter is a very accommodating and roomy to allow plenty of space for the ice fishers to stretch their legs and fish in comfort.

The exterior of the shelter has a durable polyurethane coating that acts as an insulating agent to shield the occupants from the elements and unwanted light. Its dark color absorbs light and makes the interior easier to heat. It also includes eight safety reflectors to alert others to the hut’s presence in foggy or snowy conditions.

Front and rear doors, constructed with heavy-duty zippers are an additional feature that provides convenience as well as an added measure of safety. The zippers are constructed to always function properly, and the windows can be removed as needed.

Ice fishing can be a fun and exhilarating sport. Some fisherman assert that they prefer the challenge of ice fishing to warm weather fishing. But, it is also a sport that can be dangerous. The importance of taking proper safety precautions cannot be overstressed.

By investing less than $200 into a Frabill Frontier Ice Shanty, one can enjoy the thrill of catching a trophy in the midst of winter’s brutal elements, in safety and comfort.

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