Frabill Ice Shanty Overview

The Ice Shanty: by Frabill


The rugged fisherman places himself out in the elements – man versus wild – in rain, sleet, or snow; yet, sometimes it’s also advantageous to have an Ice Shanty available for the days when the wind is really whipping, the temperatures are sub-zero, and the weather takes a sudden turn for the worse. The Frabill Ice Shanty is one of the most respected Ice Shanty Manufacturers in the fishing industry. The Jackson, Wisconsin-based company started as a “fired-up family of five” in 1938 and has been offering high-quality gear for more than 70 years. In addition to selling portable ice fishing houses, they also offer landing nets, portable aeration systems, bait containers and traps, apparel, and other accessories.

Flip-Over Ice Shanty: (2 or more)

Flip-over shelters quickly convert from ready to move to ready to fish with a simple flip.  Open the doors up on the nice day and enjoy the fresh air and sun.  When the weather turns, close it up and you’re fully protected from the elements. In Click for Pricing: Frabill Thermal Predator Ice Fishing Housesshort, the flip over models are designed to be a quick way to set up base camp. Below is a quick overview of Frabill Flip Over Ice Fishing Houses for two or more people.

Fit 2-3 anglers in this insulated Thermal Predator Ice Shanty and enjoy 53  x 75 inches of fishable area. You’re guaranteed the industry’s strongest (1.25-inch) aluminum pole system and a sturdy roto-molded sled base. Thanks to the smart bushing design, the Predator’s poles will slide even in the most extreme weather conditions.  The exterior is made of NorpacR2TM fabric with Thinsulate. This 160-pound set-up is 92x 75 x 75 inches when popped and 75 x 39 x 26 inches when collapsed. Note: You can buy this model of ice fishing shelter without insulation as well.

The Thermal Guardian Ice Shanty offers a slightly larger 96 x 66x 75 package to move that expands to 96 x 66 x 75 inches when set up for fishing. Yet, it’s lighter at 125 pounds, since the aluminum frame is 7/8-inch. Includes two Two swiveling seats for your sitting pleasure. Note: You can also buy this model of ice fishing shelter without insulation.

Fit two anglers in Trekker DLX Ice Shanty and enjoy a fishable area of 50 x 58. This durable iceshanty features an upgraded 600 denier tent (instead of 300 denier) and includes both front and rear doors and zippers as well as built in seating for two.

TREKKERFrabill Trekker Deluxe Ice Shanty.
Two robust fisherman can fit in these ice fishing houses with their large 50 x 58 fishing area and 83 x 58 x 67 inches of set-up manliness. You won’t have the insulation of some other models, but you’ll have deluxe accommodations with two padded stadium style seats. There whole set-up collapses down to just 71 pounds.

Two anglers can hang out in this flip-over with their camp chairs. It’s a no-fuss unit with 50 x 58 inches of fishable area and a basic 300 denier tent, sans insulation. This kit pitches down to just over 50 pounds, making it easy to transport and most include two camping chairs.

Three anglers can party in Excursion Ice Shanty. You’ll get 50 x 70 inches of fishable area with deluxe padded benches and their patented  MaxVent system to adjust  for your perfect fishing temperature.  The heavy-duty aluminum frame is 7/8-inch and the whole get-up weighs about 100 pounds.

Flip-Over Ice Shanty (1 Person)

If you’re the lone man out on the ice, then you probably want to look at ice fishing houses that are not too bulky or large. The Thermal Pro Flip-Over Shelter has room for one, with 57 x 40 inches of fishable area, a four-way sliding seat, insulation, and a ¾-inch heavy duty frame.  When set up, you will have 123 x 40 x 75 inches of space, but you can pack your portable ice shanty into a neat 113-pound bundle. Watch out for the price, this one is not cheap!

These lone angler ice shelters are billed as “one of the baddest one-person portables on the lake.” You can spread out with a whopping 57 x 40 inches of fishable area!You’ll have a 4-way sliding seat instead of  a fixed seat. An extra polyurethane coating keeps water and light out. The Pro is made with 600D material and sure to last a long time.

Thermal Commando Fishing Shelter.THERMAL COMMANDO
The Thermal Commando Ice Shanty boasts the industry’s best material that is specially insulated to keep you toasty. This single-person hut gives you a multi-position deluxe padded swivel boat seat, amid 110 x 33 x 66 inches of set-up space. You’ll find that the thermo-formed base with ¾-inch framing is durable, but lightweight (weighing just 74 pounds).

If you want the premium one-man portable ice fishing shelter, this is it! You get three clear-view windows, a multi-positioning padded swivel boat seat, a durable thermo-formed base, 11 square feet of fishable area, and a protective polyurethane coating – all collapsing to a modest 59 pounds.

Enjoy a lightweight 50-pound bundle with a compact molded base that is easy to transport. Get 42 x 29 inches of fishable area with the Recon DLX Ice Shanty, and rest on your padded bench seat.

HUB Ice Shanty Models:

Hub Ice Fishing Houses are great because they come pre-assembled and ready-to-go. These models come with 300 denier tents, anchor kits, MaxVent temperature control, polyurethane coatings to keep water and light out, clear Frabill Headquarters large Ice Shanty.removable windows, corner doors with heavy duty zippers, safety reflectors and convenient transport bags.

Throw the ultimate ice fishing party with room for six in the Headquarters Ice Shanty! Enjoy 140 x 70 x 80 inches of fishable area. Be sure to bring your own seats. You’ll have extra head room for all your giant friends (with 80 inches of stand-up height). There’s also a Thermal Headquarters Ice Shanty available!

The Frabill Outpost Ice Shanty is ready to fish right out of the box. It’s quick set frame and tall ceiling provides plenty of headroom. It’s very lighweight and easy to transport at just 70″ Long by 70″ wide by 80″ Tall. The Outpost is a great shanty for two to three of your friends including room for gear. Enjoy 4 removable windows; and Frabill’s MaxVent system for optimal venting. Also includes 8 safety reflectors to keep you safe and sound out on the ice!

Enjoy all the same features as the Outpost with extra insulated fabric.

Bring a friend to hang out with you in the modest Frontier Ice Shanty. You’ll have 60 x 60 x 67 inches of fishing area with this 18-pound bundle.


Hard-top ice fishing houses revolutionized the industry by providing bulk storage, in addition to the same reliable protection from the elements. The MAX series is recommended for fishermen who want to stay organized and protected out on the ice. These well-designed ice fishing houses come with fully enclosed hardtop storage compartments, rod lockers, center consoles, and storage space for all your gear. Your rod locker will hold up to 10 combos and you’ll enjoy 13.7 cubic feet of storage for your essential items.

Fit two anglers in this 83 x 58 x 67 inch space that includes a 50 x 58 inch fishable area. You get an upgraded 600 denier tent with this 100-pound hut.

The Commando Max Ice Shanty is built for one, with 50 x 33 inches of fishable area and 110 x 33 x 66 inches of set-up space. This 71-pound hut comes with the standard 300 denier tent.


You can fit up to 3 people in the Refuge Ice Shanty. Enjoy the view with four clear windows and two over-sized doors. Unlike other models, you have a carpeted floor! The ¾-inch galvanized steel frame is sturdy, as are the heavy duty zippers.  Think of these ice fishing shelters as your home away from home.

The Bottom Line:
Frabill Ice Fishing Houses are a brand you can trust with a number of different sizes and styles to keep you protected and comfortable out there on the ice. Please share your thoughts about Frabill Ice Fishing Houses below.